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Nominated for The Juno Award's album artwork of the year. Crybaby, Tegan and Sara’s 10th record, explores themes of childhood, sisterhood and new parenthood. The universal trauma of the dropped and contaminated ice cream cone is the campaign's central motif; a taste of what it means to grow up (or not) by visually mixing soft, joyful anticipation with loss, suffering and disappointment.

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creative direction (album art, photoshoots, music video), design, photography, merchandise, identity, marketing

LGBTQ+ patients struggle to find healthcare providers who they can be open and honest with — free from fear of stigma or bias. To help solve this inequality, the mission was to update the largest database of LGBTQ+ healthcare professionals in the world. The resulting directory reimagines the simple act of connecting patients with LGBTQ+ friendly doctors. Health experts, community leaders and creative agency Wide Eye worked together to develop a web product with new guiding principles, the highest standards of UX/UI/accessibility and an innovative funneling search functionality that progressively narrows in on the specific needs of the LGBTQ+ patient.

project development, creative consulting, copywriting, diversity & inclusion

Revel & Riot was a non-profit organization that used the t-shirt as a canvas to promote LGBTQIA+ equality, pride, visibility and justice. Created in 2010, before the age of the mass-market political slogan tee and on the precipice of a major shift in attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people in the USA, Revel & Riot t-shirts were about creating conversation and cultural change through design humour. During its ten years, Revel & Riot operated as an online store and resource center, attending pride events internationally, raising funds and donating thousands of shirts to LGBTQ+ causes. The marriage equality foam hand, popular in rallies across the USA in the early 2010s, is included as an artifact in the Obama Presidential Center Museum.

founder, president, creative direction, design

The dual release of Tegan and Sara’s memoir, High School (FSG) and new record of unreleased songs written during those formative years, Hey I’m Just Like You (Sire) posed a unique challenge — to integrate book, album and live show into a cohesive campaign. Archival elements and deeply personal stories inspired a late 90s queer acid trip coming of age story aesthetic. Set design for a theatrical, multidisciplinary live show, interactive web and video experiences, photography, merchandising, album art, book covers, and social campaign created a detailed, highly aesthetic world that helped to make High School a NY Times best seller and led to a 2022 TV adaptation of the book (Amazon Freevee).

creative direction (album art, photoshoot, video), set design, book covers, marketing strategy & content, merchandising

A sampling of merch through the years for clients like Leon Bridges, The National, Paramore, Bleachers, World Pride, Just For Laughs Festival, Tegan and Sara, First Aid Kit, Revel & Riot and more

Who By Fire is a live, double album born from First Aid Kit’s theatrical staging of Leonard Cohen’s songs, poems, and letters. Performed at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm shortly after his death in 2016, it aired on television internationally. The album art and campaign captured the celebrated performance photography and moody, electric blue. Trailers and a collection of abstract videos told the story on socials.

creative direction, design, trailers / video editing, marketing strategy & content

A selection of album art packages and covers from over the years, particularly for two long-time clients, Tegan and Sara and First Aid Kit. In 2023 Crybaby was nominated for Juno award album artwork of the year and First Aid Kit’s Palomino was nominated for the Brit Awards International Group of the Year

creative direction, graphic design